Here's a peek into what we're doing and where we can go together.

What if hangers and shelves could talk to your wallet?

We're skipping the checkout line.

Self-checkout is great, but never having to scan an item again? That’s even better. When items are equipped with RFID tags, interactive screens and price scanners can know exactly what and when you’d like to buy. When customers are ready, they simply pay directly at a designated self-service machine without having to wait on a cashier or wait in long lines.

What if customers could skip the line?

What if cars could pay for their own gas?

We're skipping the drive-through window.

But we're not skipping the payment. After integrating the DotDashPay Platform directly into an existing drive-through ordering experience, customers can pay for meals by opening a link sent to their phone via Bluetooth Beacon technology.

What if cars could pay for their own gas?

We're skipping the station attendant.

Drive up and just start pumping gas. With the DotDashPay SDK integrated on the gas pump side and a commonly available communication protocols in a modern car (like wifi or bluetooth), cars are fully capable of paying at the pump for you.

Have an innovative idea that needs to accept payments? We can do that.