About Us

We're people who appreciate modern conveniences, evangelize creative technologies, and relish autonomy. As researchers, we constantly ask ourselves, "How can we make the world more convenient and make consumers more independent?" As builders, we're dedicated to creating tools that help businesses operate more effectively so they can better serve their consumers.

So, we aligned our problem-solving energy to focus on the one inconvenient consumer process affecting nearly every industry — the everyday purchase experience. Waiting in line, stopping at an ATM, searching for the waiter with your check — numerous unnecessary routines we all encounter much too often, and ultimately, cost businesses both time and money. It's an infinitely complex problem that needed a definitive solution, so we did our research and we built our answer: DotDashPay.

We build tools to empower a more autonomous economy.

Investors & Advisors

Comet Labs
Cota Capital
Haystack Fund
House Fund
Khosla Ventures
Silicon Valley Data Capital


We aren’t cheesy or overly serious, but we are a bunch of payment software geeks that constantly remind each other we can "always be better". Are you a naturally-born researcher or builder in the habit of finding your own answers to hard questions?

Do you enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like drinking a home-brewed IPA over a rigorous game of skeeball? Well, we’re on the same page and we’d love to chat.